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Powder Coating Finishing

Powder coating finishingAt this stage the powder coating machine envelops the metal with hard finish paint that is either matt-smooth, glossy-smooth or textured. This method of painting makes the metal waterproof and protects it from rusting.

Why Choose Powder Coating for your project?

  • Unlike solvent based coatings (e.g. enamel paint), Powder Coating can produce film thickness of 60-300 microns on a single run. This is because powder coating retains a 100% solid content in its coat upon curing! In contrast, solvent based paints can only achieve 25-40% solid content. Attempting to produce one thick coat with enamel paint would result in runs, sags and solvent blisters while baking.
  • Covers edges and recessed areas more uniformly than solvent based paints. This is because powder coating uses an electrostatic spray system.
  • No defects such as pin holes or solvent blisters because there is no solvent to evaporate or boil away while baking.
  • Coats achieved through powder coating is durable, long lasting, weather proof, and have less defects!
  • Environmentally friendly approach to sealing or coating parts. No Solvents!
  • Long-Lasting and durable finish can withstand higher levels of salt and abrasiveness over wet paint
  • Wide range of colors and textures
  • When applied correctly with the right UV products, powder coating can withstand prolonged sunlight without fading.

Products that can be Powder Coated:

  • All forms of metal products not exceeding the size of 3m (Width) by 3m (Height) x 5m (Depth) can be powder coated by us.
  • Products made of metals such as MILD STEEL, ALUMINIUM, STAINLESS STEEL can be powder coated. Products types include panels, structures, sheets, pipes, etc!
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