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About Us

Techno Ma’aden a metal fabrication factory based in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are part of the well-established Alduwaliyah Group which falls under the umbrella of Anasser Group. Alduwaliyah Group consists of the following companies:

  • Anasser International Trading Company (AITCO)
  • Anasser for Communication & Information Technology (ACIT)
  • Steel Fabrication factory (Techno Ma’aden)

Techno Ma’aden was established to provide a complete metal fabrication solutions for our clients, from designing, to cutting, to bending, to welding, and to powder painting and assembly. We have a strong team of experienced engineers who are able to work independently and closely with our customers to solve any designs issues. Our engineers, supported by a solid manufacturing infrastructure of advance machineries and equipment, are able to handle the most challenging sheet metal production.

Moving forward, we seek to work closer with our customers to understand their needs and continue to provide speedy and sound solutions at affordable price.

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