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CNC Punching


CNC Punching is an integral part of the Sheet Metal Fabrication Process. Therefore we use the best CNC Punching equipment, Amada. & IMAC.

CNC Laser Cutting


CNC Laser Cutting is the most advanced and sophisticated technology. Using this technology, we are able to produce very complex designs with the highest precision.

Powder Coating Painting


We use top of the line powder coating painting machine. The powder coating envelops the metal with hard finish paint that makes the metal waterproof and protects it from rusting.



We join the parts of finish products with high quality welding.



We have a team of experienced designers that go through every detail in the design to ensure a precise and good quality final product.

Sheet Metal Fabrication


We have top of the line machines and equipment that would help us with metal cutting, metal bending and welding.

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